#7 My musical …nook?

Featuring my shitty guitar I’ve had since I started learning. Sounds dull as but it’s sentimental value is through the roof.

Also featuring Jennifer, the glockenspiel. It was named before it came into my possession and I was ok with it coz it reminds me of Back To The Future. :]

#6 My legit traffic light arrow

Is this illegal? Hope not. This traffic light near my church got hit by a car and one of the kids ran over and scabbed it. And I told them I wanted it and they let me have it :]

#5 one of my many plectrums.

#4 assorted posters etc

#3 Starfish

Starfish sorta freak me out a bit (and I can justify this, it’s coz if you break one in half the two halves grow into two seperate starfish. wtf?!) but I saw heaps today at the beach and they’re kinda alright. My friend took one home and it dried out and now it’s mine and I sort of feel bad about it. I mean, it’s a dead creature…

#2 Piano Mug :]

Running time: Approx 1586 minutesĀ :’)